Whirlybird Installations

Whether you are looking to install, repair or replace a whirlybird, Roof Leak Services can provide an affordable, professional and prompt service for all your whirlybird needs.

We only supply and install high-quality and long-lasting roof ventilation whirlybirds with endless benefits for the property it is installed on and its occupants.

Whirlybirds saving energy and money

A whirlybird is a roof-mounted ventilator that exhausts the hot and moist air that is otherwise trapped in a roof space. It operates continuously, running off free wind energy all year round.


Trapped air in between your ceiling and roof covering can cause uncomfortable living temperatures within the house, and allowing it to escape can make a noticeable difference.

With adequate roof space ventilation, building occupants are less dependable on air conditioners and fans to create a pleasant climate, saving energy and money.


A well-ventilated home is essential in humid southeast Queensland locations where we provide our services. In these hot and humid environments, mould, mildew and bacteria can grow, while building materials can rot and insulation can quickly deteriorate—all problems which a whirlybird can easily eliminate.


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Benefits of installing a whirlybird with Roof Leak Services:

Contact us today for whirlybird advice for ventilation needs.

Whirlybird Installation

Roof Leak Services has comprehensive experience installing whirlybirds to ensure that we do so professionally without compromising roof integrity. We are confident in our workmanship and products, offering a 10-year warranty on all Whirlybird installations.


Roof Leak Services give our clients the option to choose the whirlybird finish, coming in aluminium and the many Colorbond range colours. We also calculate the ventilation demands and quote accordingly to ensure optimum results.

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Whirlybird cost and quotation

The standard cost of whirlybird installation or replacement does not change significantly; however, pricing is subject to a final inspection. If unforeseen installation or replacement challenges arise, Roof Leak Services will converse with our clients for approval before proceeding.


We strongly believe whirlybirds are an excellent investment to improve interior conditions and prevent prolonged structure damages.

Whirlybird Replacement

Whirlybirds are incredibly reliable and efficient, providing incredible ventilation results from zero running cost. However, like all building materials exposed to the harsh Queensland conditions, problems can arise.


Whirlybirds may seize due to prolonged exposure to the wet conditions and the relentless sun. Sometimes, a small blockage may prevent operation; however, it usually indicates a necessary whirlybird replacement. 


Additionally, replacing whirlybirds of equal lifespan simultaneously will save money and inconvenience in the long run. Please contact Roof Leak Services for more information about our whirlybird replacement services.

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Roof Leak Services offer a free no-obligation quote for whirlybird installations or replacements in the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and Logan areas.

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