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Roof Leak Services provides a full roof replacement and new roof installation for both residential and commercial tile roofs in Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich and surrounding areas. With a team that specializes in complete replacements and new tile roofs we guarantee a quality service at an affordable price.
If your leaking roof is left untreated it can cause serious internal structural damage that can end up being quite costly. If rectified early unneeded repairs can be prevented. A water tight roof is well worth the investment as it is the main defense of all weather elements that can damage your home.


Tiles come in many different shapes, sizes and styles and colours giving you plenty of options when picking a style you like. The two main types of tiles are the traditional terracotta and cement both being quite hardy and durable. Unlike metal roofs, tiles will not rust but they can lose their waterproof coating causing them to absorb water and leak.
Tile roofs also rely on ridge and hip capping bedding and pointing to bond different sections of the roof together and keep the building water tight. Bedding and pointing will deteriorate and is known to be a general maintenance issue that needs to be carried out. With routine maintenance a tile roof can last a lifetime.

Please see following link from one of our tile suppliers in relation to additional product information and warranties on tile roofs –


Some of the reason your roof may be leaking or your roof requires replacing may be –

  • Broken tiles
  • Unsealed tiles
  • Rusted valley flashings
  • Deteriorated bedding & pointing
  • Poor workmanship and design
  • Leaking penetrations
  • Storm damage
  • Appearance

Just because your tile roof is leaking does not mean it needs to be replaced. Cement and terracotta roof tiles are very resilient and can be repaired and restored for much cheaper then replacing the whole roof. Often broken tile can be the cause of water ingress and are quite easily replaced.
Deteriorated bedding and pointing can also perish and crack allowing water to ingress. Rebedding and repointing the ridge and hip capping tiles will ensure your roof stays water tight.
Full restorations including pressure cleaning, rebidding, repointing, replacing broken tiles, resealing and repainting are another great option to keep your roof water tight and looking great!

Some of the benefits of a new roof are –

  • Protection from all weather elements of all internal items and structures
  • Effective modern insulation
  • Increase of property value
  • Peace of mind knowing your roof meets the new Australian standard regulations
  • New and improved materials that will last longer
  • Appearance
  • Modern designs
  • Quality wor·kmanship and materials
  • Workmanship and material warranties


All of our products are backed by a strong manufacturers warranty, we also provide a workman’s guarantee to ensure that your roof is safe for years to come. Email or call to enquire about our service specific workmanship and material warranties.

With our passionate team of administration staff and specialized contractors, we guarantee that you will be more then satisfied with our professional service and quality workmanship. Our staff are friendly and customer focused and are ready to help with any roof related enquiry you may have. Just call or email us to schedule in a full inspection of your roof. Our knowledgeable inspectors will detect any faults and advise on the best solutions and recommendations for repairing, maintaining or replacing your roof.

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