When Roof Leak Services are finished with our roof repairs, we can confidently say that your roof’s integrity has been restored to its optimum condition.

A roof has three primary purposes, to provide protection, insulation and drainage. When these features are compromised, it is essential to find a roof repair solution as soon as possible to prevent the risks to people, possession and structure. 


From draining large amounts of water in wet and stormy conditions, handling the unrelenting Queensland sun, and venting adequately to withstand intense humidity, a roof may seem simplistic; however, its purpose is anything but.


Roof Leak Services are roof repair specialists with extensive industry experience to rectify faults on all residential and commercial roofing systems. We will not only fix the issue at hand but also investigate the cause and implement solutions to avoid recurrence.

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Using our professional roof technicians and inspectors

We understand that people may think they can rectify a roofing defect themselves or find a more economical handyman service to undertake the roof repair. However, these roof repair solutions are often insufficient and tend to lead to prolonged damages.

Our professional roofers and inspectors have a thorough understanding of the various roof structures in the building industry and can make necessary repairs to align with the present method. This allows the roof to withstand the harsh elements and perform as it was initially built to do.   

Roof Leak Service believes your property is one of your most valuable investments, and its condition should be taken seriously. Spending money on our professional roofing services to ensure roof safety and purpose is a wise decision and highly recommended. For these reasons, roof repairs should also be performed promptly and by professionals. 

Our friendly office staff can also provide more details about our roof repair services and information on payment options before a scheduled quotation booking.

Residential & Commercial roof repair services

Roof Leak Services prides itself on the high standards and quality workmanship we deliver on all our residential and commercial roof repair jobs. Our roof repair solutions are tailor-made to suit the roof requiring our attention and are performed to our client’s demands and longevity needs.

Roof Leak Services has extensive knowledge and expertise on:

Roof Leak Services roof repair cost and quotations


In most cases, Roof Leak Services offer standard roof inspections, reports and quotes for free and with no obligation to proceed. We recognise that our clients have different financial circumstances, and we hope to take away the initial roof repair hesitation by offering our complimentary quote. 


However, if you are out of our Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and Logan service area, have multiple leaks or require an extensive and detailed inspection, you may incur an inspection fee.


It is wise to have more than one quote as the industry recommends, especially when comprehensive roof repairs are required. When obtaining quotes from other roofing companies for your roof repairs, be sure to compare the scope of works of each quote & not just accept the cheapest option.

Leaking roof repairs

It is paramount that roof leaks be rectified as soon as possible to minimise extensive damages. A simple and small leak may seem innocent; however, water ingress can cause significant issues and damage property and content. 


At the same time, if left unattended, a small leak could turn into a safety hazard to those within the building as the building’s structure is compromised and harmful bacteria spread in moist conditions.

Roof Leak Services has the roofing experience to repair roof leaks quickly and efficiently on all residential and commercial buildings.

Tile roof repairs

Tiles are commonly installed on Australian residential properties with their thermal properties and hardiness key attributes. However, over time tile’s can shift, crack and wear, exposing the property they are intended to protect.


A tile repair can often be performed without much fuss with replacement or reinstallation, although, in some circumstances, more extensive tile roof repair work needs to be carried out. 

Either way, there is no job too big or too small for Roof Leak Services, and we can perform professional tile roof repairs to return a roof to its brilliant best.

Metal roof repair

Metal roofs are a cost-effective roofing solution and are ideal for Australian conditions. Metal roof installations are also ideal for water drainage and collection, perfect for Queensland’s wet season. 


However, like all building installations, a defect may occur, causing problems to arise. 


It is essential to know metal material characteristics when doing metal roof repairs, considering expansion and contraction. Roof Leak Services will confidently and competently repair all metal roofs that require our attention.

Repairs Roof Leak Services perform:

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Roof Leak Services extensive roofing experience allows us to competently and professionally perform all types of roof repair for our customers in Queensland’s southeast.  So if you’re in the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and Logan regions and require professional roof repairs, look no further than Roof Leak Services. 

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