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Roofing systems are complex, with many components combining to provide complete and sound overhead property protection. At times components can become defective due to many reasons, and a roof's integrity is compromised.

When adding water to a compromised roof, problems occur. Water can track into places that are difficult to identify by the naked eye and tend to catch property owners out due to the initial unseen damages water may cause.

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The cause of a leaking roof

Poor workmanship is often the cause of a leaking roof with misplaced material, incorrect fixings and inadequate coverage, allowing water to ingress and cause extensive damages.


Poor drainage and engineering is another leading cause of water leakages. As a roof surface collects large amounts of rainwater, it is essential to engineer it to flow into guttering and piping for collection or disbursement. If drainage is insufficient or blocked, rainwater will find its way into undesirable places. 


Rectifying a leaking roof with inexperienced labour is also a major issue and can lead to creating a much bigger problem than you originally had. It is highly recommended to engage an experienced & competent roofing specialist to take care of your roofing needs at all times.

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Identifying a roof leak

Identifying a roof leak is not an easy task as the effect of the leak is often not at the origin of water ingress. Having the roofing industry experience is essential in leak inspections to understand the way water tracks and the potential roof defects that may occur.


Roof Leak Services inspections are designed to identify the leak source, conclude why it occurred and assess the resulting damages. 


Whether a roof leak is from poor workmanship, faulty materials, inadequate design or continuous wear, Roof Leak Services are confident to identify all commercial and residential roof leaks, allowing us to perform prompt and necessary repairs.

Common defects causing roof leaks​:

Repairing, servicing and maintaining a leaking roof

Roof repair

Once a roof leak is identified, it needs to be repaired as soon as possible to prevent damage to the property, possession, and people. Many servicing and repair techniques can be implemented to ensure a leak is fixed adequately.


Valley servicing is the most common method of fixing a roof valley, while a crack tile or faulty tile clips are repairable. Maintaining a roof by unblocking rain channels, gutters and downpipes are also paramount to stop and prevent roof leaks.


Drainage issues from deterioration, poorly sealed joints and bad designs with the gutter, downpipe and stormwater system not handling the capacity will also need addressing. This can be done by material replacement, re-sealing and design improvements such as additional downpipe installations.


Maintenance to help prevent roof leaks: 

  • Routine roof inspections
  • Clean gutters
  • Install gutter mesh or gutter guard 
  • Re-seal roof penetrations 
  • Assess the need for roof system upgrades and restorations 
  • Perform valley services 
  • Undertake re-bedding and re-pointing

Roof Leak Services leaking roof repair timeframe

The time it takes to repair a leaking roof varies depending on what repairs need to be carried out. Some defects, such as a few broken tiles, can be rectified within a few hours. In contrast, other problems like drainage insufficiencies may need engineering changes and take a few days or weeks to repair.


The important thing with a leaking roof is addressing the leak as soon as possible. Roof Leak Services understands the urgency of rectifying your leaking roof and strives to inspect and carry out repairs as quickly as possible.


We also highly recommended that roofs be routinely inspected, especially before the wet season, to reduce the likelihood of a roof leak from occurring.  The friendly Roof Leak Services team can advise on roof technician availability, roof inspection processes & roof repairs timeframes at the time of your inquiry.

Leaking roof insurance claim

In many circumstances, insurance will cover roof damage caused by a leaking roof, especially if it is caused by natural events such as hail storms and fallen branches. However, it is unlikely that an insurance company will cover general maintenance items as this is deemed the home owner’s responsibility. 


It is also worth mentioning that many insurance companies do not cover roofs that do not comply with Australian Standards, reinforcing the importance of using a professional roof service provider like Roof Leak Services.


We recommend checking with your insurance provider and reviewing the terms of your policy if you have any roof insurance queries.

Using a licenced building contractor to repair a leaking roof

Unfortunately, many people think they can self repair a roof, or that silicone is the best fix for roof leaks. Although silicone is a valuable product, its purpose is to seal a meeting joint, not to fix roofing damages. 


Inexperienced repairs can lead to further damages and inconveniences, and in extreme cases, possession loss and home flooding.


Using a competent roofing contractor that is Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) licenced like Roof Leak Services is crucial. Whether broken tiles need replacing, a roof needs repointing, or a metal sheet needs repairing, we will ensure your leak is fixed competently and promptly.

Examples of repair options to rectify leaking roofs:

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