Residential Roof Repairs

Roof Leak Services are confident that our professional residential roof repair service will restore your roof to its optimal condition.

Roof Leak Services has extensive residential roof repair experience to rectify all damages and defects on all residential roofing systems. Our qualified roof repair technicians will investigate the cause and implement residential roof repair solutions to solve the issue and avoid recurrence.


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Professional residential roof repairs

We understand that individuals may want to rectify a roofing defect themselves; however, DIY roof repairs often lead to increased damages and expenses. 


Roof Leak Service professional residential roof repairs will guarantee a roof can withstand the extreme weather conditions and fluctuations of southeast Queensland. 


We undertake all residential roof repairs with the belief that your property is one of your most valuable investments. 


Roof Leak Service thinks a roof’s condition should be taken seriously, and investing money in professional residential roofing.

Roof Leak Services has the experience to perform tile roof repairs, including replacement, repairs, rebedding and repointing competently and professionally.

Residential roof experts

Roof Leak Services hold itself to very high standards, providing quality and professional workmanship on all the residential roof repairs we perform.


Our residential roof experts have a thorough understanding of the various residential roof structures and can make necessary repairs to align with the existing design. 


Roof Leak Services residential roof repair methods vary depending on the roof’s material and design. We implement the best residential roof repair solutions for all clients in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and Logan safely and at affordable rates.

Examples of residential roof materials we repair:

Examples of residential roof structures we repair:

Leaking roof repairs

Residential roof leaks should be repaired as soon as possible as an innocent small leak can cause significant issues, damaging property and content. 


A neglected leak can also become a safety hazard to the home’s occupants, jeopardising the building’s structure and producing harmful bacteria and mould.


Roof Leak Services has the roofing experience to repair leaks promptly and efficiently on all residential buildings in southeast Queensland.

Metal Roof Repair

Tile roof repairs

Tiles are commonly installed on Australian residential properties; however, they can shift, crack and wear over time, exposing the property they are designed to protect.


Roof Leak Services performs tile repairs on residential roofs efficiently and smoothly, with tile replacement, re-bedding and re-pointing a regular task. In some circumstances, more extensive tile roof repairs need to be carried out.

Metal roof repairs

Metal roof installations are ideal for water drainage and collection, perfect for Queensland’s wet season. However, like all building installations, problems can arise.


Roof Leak Services know the metal material characteristics and best metal roof repair methods to confidently and competently repair all metal roofs that require our attention.

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Roof Leak Services offers residential roof repairs to those in the Brisbane, Gold, Ipswich and Logan area. 

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