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Roof Leak Services is licensed by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) to perform roof leak repairs and other roofing and guttering services. We conduct all our residential and commercial jobs competently, safely, and to the Australian Standards.

Roof Leak Services is a Brisbane based roofing and guttering business that offers its comprehensive services to the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and Logan regions. With over 20 years of Queensland roofing experience, we have the confidence to find all roofing solutions to withstand the extreme climate of Greenbank.

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Providing roof and gutter solutions to Greenbank

Residential and commercial roofs are under continuous weather demands, from the intense sun, extreme humidity, heavy downpours, and wild winds. Roof Leak Services has an in-depth understanding of the harsh weather conditions that come with living in Greenbank. 


Our family-run business has been operating for over ten years, and our team has decades of roofing experience, working and repairing against all weather conditions.


Roof Leak Services has the expertise to roof inspect Greenbank, roof repair Greenbank,  roof service Greenbank and maintain a roof in these conditions safely and competently. We also ensure we implement the best roof and gutter solutions that solve the roof leak Greenbank , prevent reoccurrence, and withstand the forthcoming seasons.

Repairs for leaks in Greenbank:

Tiles replacement

Tile re-bedding and re-pointing

Valley upgrades and services

Gutter and downpipe upgrades

Roof servicing

Tile clip replacement



Flashing customisation

Skylights repair, resealing and replacement

Identifying a leak on Queensland roofs

It can be challenging to identify a leak and pinpoint the cause, reinforcing the need to hire an experienced professional. Roof Leak Services conducts thorough interior and exterior building leak inspections to determine the defective area causing the leak and corresponding damages.


Our industry experience will save crucial time, allowing for prompt leak repairs to be performed. The leak may be due to poor workmanship, deteriorated materials, bad design, and many other possible causes; no matter the reason, Roof Leak Services Greenbank can diagnose and repair it.


Roof Leak Services will also offer maintenance advice to prevent reoccurrence, such as routine inspections, regular gutter cleans, gutter mesh Greenbank or guard installation Greenbank, tile re-bedding Greenbank and re-pointing, re-sealing roof penetrations and refixing sheets.

Common defects causing roof leaks​:

If you're in the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and Logan regions and require professional roof and gutter inspections, repairs, servicing or maintenance, contact Roof Leak Services for a free no-obligation quote today.

Responding to a roof leak Greenbank promptly and professionally

Most roof defects and damages are caused by strong fluctuations in temperature or weather conditions, common in Greenbank. 

A roof leak Greenbank has many detrimental effects, such as producing harmful mould on insulation, causing rotting of timber, deteriorating wall and ceiling coverings. Furthermore, damp and dark areas are the common cause of attracting termites, white ants and other unwanted pests.


For these reasons, it is vital to promptly rectify all roof leak Greenbank to avoid further damage to the building structure and restore hygiene for the safety of the building occupants. Roof Leak Services Greenbank will perform internal and external roof and building inspections to provide a reliable roof leak Greenbank diagnosis and optimum solutions.


It is also important to look out for warning signs that a leak may occur, like ageing roof materials, corrosions and deterioration areas, misaligned and sagging guttering. At the same time, it’s crucial to notice abnormalities that a leak is present such as noticeable watermarks, surface mould and mildew, cracks in building structures and overflowing gutters.

Warning signs that a roof leak Greenbank may occur:

Abnormalities that signal a roof leak Greenbank:

Roof repair Greenbank residential and commercial roof materials

With roof repair Greenbank experience over two decades, Roof Leak Services has the ability to carry out repairs on most types of roofing materials. Residential and commercial roof materials of choice have evolved over generations, meaning a diverse variety are displayed across Queensland in the current day. 


From the stylish Colorbond and the popular terracotta tile to the old-school shingle and the infamous asbestos sheet, Roof Leak Services can safely and professionally perform roof inspection Greenbank, roof repair Greenbank, servicing and roof maintenance Greenbank for our clients. 

The types of roof materials we repair:

Repairing all residential and commercial roof structures

Our 20 years of roofing experience allows us to safely and confidently work on all types of residential and commercial roofing structures. We implement repairs that align with roof structure design to ensure the strength and function of the roof are not affected.


From large commercial flats, contemporary skilions, traditional gables and the many architectural combinations throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and Logan, Roof Leak Services can safely and professionally perform roof inspections, repairs, servicing and maintenance.

The types of roof structures we repair:

  • Flat
  • Skillion
  • Butterfly
  • Curved
  • Bullnose
  • Gabled
  • Peaked
  • Hipped and more

Using high-quality products from reputable suppliers

Roof Leak Services only uses high-quality products on all roof repair Greenbank it performs as we believe that the materials we use resemble our workmanship and that only the best will do. We want all our roofing Greenbank and guttering Greenbank solutions to be solid and dependable to withstand the harsh Queensland conditions they will face.

We source all our roofing and guttering products from reputable suppliers, giving us the extra confidence to deliver optimum results for our clients.

The reputable suppliers and brands we use:

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Roof Leak Services understands the roofing needs of our Greenbank clients and knows how to competently and professionally perform all types of roofing and guttering repairs.

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