Metal Roof Repair

Roof Leak Services has the metal roof repair expertise to inspect and find the leak’s cause and implement the best metal roof repair solutions.

Types of metal roofing that we work with:

Metal roofs are a common sight in Queensland, with colorbond, zinc or iron sheets placed upon buildings to provide the necessary and important protection. Metal roofs are ideal for handling the heavy downpours that come with the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and Logan regions and can link up seamlessly with guttering to collect or disperse large amounts of water.


However, as with most building installations, defects can arise, and a roof leak can happen. Water is a master at finding its way through the smallest openings, whether it be a loose fixing point, a misaligned sheet or a rust patch.


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Metal roof inspections

Many metal roof leaks are complicated to find and are hard to see to the untrained eye. Often the origin of a leak is not at the location where visible problems have occurred, like moisture stains on a wall or mould on a ceiling.


Roof Leak Service inspectors have the experience to undertake thorough inspections on all residential and commercial metal roofs to locate the leak, identify the cause and determine the best solution.

A Roof Leak Services metal roof inspection involves:

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Metal roof repairs

Once Roof Leak Services have completed an inspection, we will have a clearer understanding of the repairs that need to be implemented to rectify the leak. There are usually multiple methods that can be used to repair a metal roof, including maintenance, upgrades and replacement. 

The way we perform repairs will depend on many factors such as the age and condition of the metal roofs, the type of metal and profile, the short term and long term needs, the cost of the repairs and ultimately, how the client wishes to proceed.

Types of roof sheet profiles we work with:

Using a licenced building contractor to repair a leaking metal roof

Although it may be tempting to fix a metal roof yourself, often, an unprofessional repair leads to further property damages and life inconveniences. There are also many risks associated with working on a metal roof, including potential fall hazards.


Using a competent roofing contractor that is Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) licenced like Roof Leak Services is crucial. Whether a metal roof needs repairing, replacing, patching or refixing, Roof Leak Services will ensure your metal roof is fixed competently and professionally.

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Roof Leak Services has extensive metal roof experience to competently and confidently carry out repairs on residential and commercial buildings for any customer that needs our professional assistance. 

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