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Roof Leak Services offers a comprehensive leaking roof repair service that identifies the leak’s location and causes and implements the best leaking roof repair solution.

Identifying the cause of a leaking roof is challenging as the flow-on effect of the leak is often not at the origin of water ingress. However, we have the roofing experience to rectify all leaks in residential and commercial environments while striving to prevent leaking roof recurrence.

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Potential causes of a leaking roof

Poor workmanship

Poor workmanship tends to be a common cause of a leaking roof. Whether it is a misplaced material, incorrect fixings, inadequate coverage or cheap products, a substandard roof installation will allow water to ingress and cause widespread damages.


In many cases, it means the roof is not compliant with Australian Standards, putting the property, possessions and persons at risk. A non-compliant roof also means the roof is not covered by insurance.

Design issues

Whether it is due to a low roof pitch or inadequate guttering and piping, a poor drainage design can cause many issues, including a leaking roof. A roof collects large amounts of rainwater, and it is essential to have a suitable drainage design to allow water to flow into guttering and piping for collection or dispersing. 


If the design can not handle the rainwater quantities, water will find its way into unwanted spaces due to overflowing and pooling.

Insufficient maintenance

If roofing systems are not maintained, problems will arise that can lead to a leaking roof. Gutters, valleys, downpipes and rain channels that become restricted or blocked will dam and pool rainwater, causing leak issues.


Likewise, if these roofing components are broken or not functioning correctly, water will run freely in undesirable locations, which is asking for trouble.

Damage and wear

A roof is continuously exposed to extreme conditions such as hail storms, heavy rain, strong winds and intense sun. Over time this can cause wear to certain parts of a roofing system, with roofing materials deteriorating and sealant cracks appearing, inviting water ingress.


Alternatively, a roof can be badly damaged from a falling branch, for example, which will cause apparent leaking and will need to be repaired immediately.

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Leaking roof repairs

Roof valleys

Valley servicing is the most common method of fixing a leaking roof valley.

Roof tiles

A leaking roof tile is usually caused by a crack, faulty tile clips, blocked rain channels, or poor roof tile installation—all of which Roof Leak Services can repair competently.

Roof vents and protrusions

Worn Dektites and poorly sealed roof protrusions can allow water ingress and need to be replaced or repaired as soon as possible.


Gutters can leak due to long-term wear and deterioration, causing rust holes, sealed joint breakdown, loose brackets, and unfastened fixings. Alternatively, gutters, downpipes, and stormwater systems that cannot handle water capacity due to debris blockage or poor design also need to be repaired.

Roof sheet

A leaking roof sheet is usually caused by metal rust and deterioration, storm damages, loose or missing fixings or poor installation—all of which Roof Leak Services can repair promptly.

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Roof Leak Services has immense roofing expertise to perform leaking roof repairs on residential and commercial buildings for any customer who needs our roofing assistance. 

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