A roof can collect large amounts of rainwater, especially in the wet season, and the rainwater gets directed to the building's guttering system. Gutters are unsung heroes of a building and often do not get the attention they require until a problem arises.

Roof Leak Services offer a wide range of guttering and downpipe related services to all our clients in the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, and Logan areas. We undertake gutter installation, repairs, maintenance, and cleaning, and we are suppliers and installers of gutter guard systems.

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Gutter repairs

A leaking gutter can be a common issue and is understandable considering the immense water it has to hold and direct. Although a gutter leak is inconvenient and can lead to material defects if left unattended, it doesn’t always mean your gutters need replacing.


Roof Leak Services offer various guttering services that can rectify irritating leaks and extend the lifespan of your gutters. We reseal gutter joints and corners to reinforce continuity, patch any rust and corrosion spots, re-align twisted and bent channels and apply paint and rustproofing.


Roof Leak Services maintenance and repairs include:

Roof Leak Services has the experience to perform tile roof repairs, including replacement, repairs, rebedding and repointing competently and professionally.

Gutter maintenance

Maintaining your gutters is critical to ensure they are effective for as long as possible and prevent flow-on issues from leaking or blocking the guttering system. Roof Leak Services can perform gutter maintenance such as clearing debris and leaves from gutters and has the necessary equipment to do so safely.


Roof Leak Services suggests that it is wise to use the services of professionals to guarantee the maintenance if done safely and effectively. You can check your gutter for signs that professional care is needed before calling Roof Leak Services; otherwise, our guttering technician can inspect before implementing work.

Signs your gutters require maintenance and repairs:

Gutter installations and replacements

Ensuring the guttering installed is adequate to the expected rainwater capacity and can move rainwater towards drainage or collection systems is crucial. Guttering installations and replacement require professional experience and knowledge to factor in drainage fall, gutter profile, downpipe location and quantity for optimum results.


Roof Leak Services only uses high-quality materials and specialises in Bluescope and Colorbond products. We customise and fit guttering to fascia and install guttering to suit our client’s budget and demands.


Roof Leak Services has experience and knowledge of:

Gutter guard installation

Gutter guards are an excellent investment to prevent leaves and debris from restricting or blocking your gutters, leading to corrosion, leakage, and in extreme cases, gutter collapse. 


Roof Leak Services are recognised gutter guard suppliers and installers and can quickly provide the extra protection your gutters need. 

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Roof Leak Services supports those in southeast Queensland installing and replacing guttering systems while maintaining and repairing existing gutters.

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