Gutter Mesh Importance

Although the gutters on your home are often overlooked and considered an afterthought, they play a crucial role in protecting your home from damage. Gutters can be easily damaged through neglect, which is why maintaining them regularly is essential for preventing potentially devastating damages to your home’s foundation that could cost you thousands of dollars.



Since gutters have such a large responsibility for maintaining the integrity of your roof, it’s very important to pay attention to their quality and condition and to protect your home. A leaking gutter can be a common problem because of the immense water your gutter is required to hold. You need to make sure you don’t ignore the condition of your gutter, which can potentially lead to severe problems.



Gutter guards are a beneficial and useful addition to your home improvement. They filter rainwater into the gutters, but keep leaves, seeds, organisms and debris, so they don’t block up or clog.


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Guttering Issues

It can be the case that issues with gutters are often just an inconvenience and won’t always require replacing them entirely. However, depending on their severity, letting these problems go unattended could eventually cause more serious complications down the road. Mould and rot can start to develop after excessive exposure to moisture. Make sure you don’t ignore any signs of leakages no matter how minor they might be, and ensure the integrity of your gutter protection.


Unchecked debris in gutters can cause major damage to homes when storms hit. If heavy rain doesn’t flow correctly , it could overflow the gutter and the backflow into your ceiling. This can potentially cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damages, which is often not covered by insurance policies. We’re coming to that time of the year again where severe storms can strike at any time, you could potentially face a lot more damage than you would initially think. 


To ensure that your gutters are always in good working condition, it is important to clean them after or before each instance of heavy rainfall. This will prevent a blockage from forming and causing any possible water damage on the roof.

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Leaf Guard Importance

Even small leaves and other foliage can lead to your gutters becoming clogged and start overflowing if you don’t have in place a proper leaf guard system. Therefore, it is crucial to put in place some preventive measures and pay attention to the quality and maintenance of your gutters, leaf guards, and tiled roofs.


Most homeowners don’t even realize the costs caused by blocked gutters, leaf guards, and downpipes; not until after an event—but it could end up being a very expensive oversight. Some of these costs can range from roof repairs to expensive gutter replacements. The worst case scenario can even result in hospital bills if you injure yourself while attempting to clean out the leaves and other debris from your clogged gutters.

Guttering Help

Roof Leak Services offers the highest quality gutter mesh products and a comprehensive gutter mesh installation service. Our expert technicians will walk you through step-by-step the gutter mesh installation process. We will explain all the details to you in simple terms so you know exactly what our service offers. 

Our friendly technicians will consult with you onsite and listen to any possible concerns or questions you may have involving the installation of your gutter mesh. Roof Leak Service’s gutter mesh is state of the art and uses the best and latest materials to ensure your gutter mesh is long-lasting and performing. Our technicians will take a look at your roof type, gutters, and downpipes, and give you the best possible gutter guard solution.

We will also advise you on how to keep up with the best maintenance processes for your installed gutter guards and offer you leaf guard installation and maintenance tips. This can include the best ways to prevent foliage building up in your gutter in the first place. If you live in a property surrounded by trees or pines that sheds needles, the gutters on your house may need to be cleaned out at least once per year, and should also take place each time there is a storm with debris blowing around. 

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