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Trained and certified professionals should perform roofing, guttering and leak repairs to ensure all work complies with Australian Building Standards and Regulations. They should also be Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) licenced.

Roof Leak Services is an Australian-owned and operated roofing company with an excellent reputation, two decades of roofing experience, and QBCC licenced. We service southeast Queensland and offer free no-obligation leak repair quotes.

Roof Leak Services has a vast range of roofing experience and knowledge to work on various roofing installations and structures. Our roof inspectors and technicians specialize in metal and tile roofing across the residential and commercial industries. 

Sometimes it is hard to know if you need to contact Roof Leak Services as leaks occur in wet conditions, making it difficult to separate a leak from raindrops. However, there are numerous warning signs to prompt you to consider contacting Roof Leak Services.

Abnormalities such as watermarks, puddling, dampness, mould and deterioration are vital indicators that you should contact us. It is also crucial to act swiftly when a leak abnormality occurs to prevent extensive damage. 

Roof Leak Services offer free no-obligation quotes and free industry advice to avoid leak repair hesitation.

In many cases, water can track from inconspicuous places, making it challenging to identify the cause of a leak. Whereas, in other circumstances, the cause can be pretty obvious, like broken tiles or an overflowing blocked gutter. Shoddy workmanship is also a common offender, with incompetent installation or cheap materials creating significant leak problems. 

Roof Leak Services will carry out interior and exterior inspections to pinpoint the exact cause of your leak and then implement the optimum solution to repair it.

The only way to fix a roof leak properly is by utilising a professional and experienced roof leak company. Although many people are tempted to fix a leak themselves, a lack of roofing knowledge and leak repair experience can cause further damage to property structure and possessions.

Roof Leak Services is a QBCC licensed roofing contractor and can perform leak repairs on your roof competently and safely. Contact us today for a free quote.

It is always best to check with your insurance provider and review the terms of your policy to know if your insurance covers a leaking roof. In general, insurance will cover damage caused by a leaking roof; however, it is unlikely to cover general maintenance items. 


Insurances also do not cover roofs that do not comply with Australian Building Standards, reinforcing the importance of using qualified and trained roofing technicians like Roof Leak Services.

There are regular tasks that can be performed to help prevent roof leaks from occurring. Organising routine roof inspections from roofing professionals is a great way to keep on top of any defects that may leak in wet conditions. 


Additionally, undertaking regular roof and gutter maintenance such as gutter cleans, re-sealing roof penetrations, re-bedding and re-pointing tiles, valley servicing and refixing metal sheets are all excellent ways to prevent leaks which can be performed by Roof leak Services.

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