Downpipe Repairs

Roof Leak Service can install, replace, repair and maintain your downpipe to ensure it continues to play its integral part in the property drainage system.

A downpipe is vertical piping that directs rainwater from your gutters into storage or waste systems. The diverted rainwater will prevent the potential damages that unmanaged rainwater can cause.

When downpipes are sized correctly and combined with an effective guttering system and roof pitch, rainwater will be able to be collected or removed without any inconvenience to you or your building.


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Water damage from a defective downpipe

Water damage from a defective downpipe can cause many issues. 

If not repaired promptly, a damaged downpipe can cause significant damage to the structure of a building and surrounding areas, such as material deterioration and swelling. It can also cause ground movement, leading to wall, roof, and floor cracking.


It can also affect the aesthetics of a building with walls, gutters, and eaves peeling and discoloring. Furthermore, water damage often develops mold, mildew, and bacteria, leading to health concerns for the occupants of the building.


Therefore, downpipe repairs need to be performed as soon as a defect is noticed. Roof Leak Services can repair damages to prevent these aesthetic, structural and hygiene issues whilst potentially saving you money on downpipes replacement and expensive structural repairs.

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Maintaining a downpipe

Maintaining your downpipes is vital to ensure no water damages occur from leaks, overflowing or burst. 


Unlike gutters, downpipes are more challenging to maintain as they are fully enclosed, making it harder to see blockages and debris. It is also harder to clear blockages, especially when many property owners discover a blockage during torrential rains with overflowing gutters.


Roof Leak Services routine downpipe maintenance will ensure all debris is removed from piping, all joins are sound, and the overall function of the building’s downpipes is adequate and effective to prevent potential damages and inconveniences.

Roof Leak Services downpipe maintenance checks:

Types of downpipes

When choosing a downpipe, practicality should outway aesthetics due to the importance of their drainage purpose. However, Roof Leak Services understands that some property owners don’t want an oversized and unappealing downpipe against their wall.


Downpipes are commonly round, square, or contour, with the main differences being the mounting methods, plumbing connections, and style preference. The important consideration of a downpipe is the sizing and water capacity. 


In Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and Logan, where we expect heavy downpours in the wet season, a larger downpipe is recommended. A larger downpipe also helps with reducing the likelihood of blocking, which can be problematic if combined with a storm.


Downpipes come in a range of colours, and like guttering, Roof Leak Services can match your downpipe with your exterior design and colour scheme for an excellent result.

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Roof Leak Services provides downpipe repairs and advice to those in the Brisbane, Gold, Ipswich and Logan regions. 

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