Downpipe Installation

Roof Leak Services provide a professional service and understand the importance of downpipes to the overall drainage of rainwater and the damage it can do if not dealt with adequately

Roof Leak Services will ensure a building has sufficient and effective downpipes, directing rainwater into rainwater tanks, collection systems, absorbing areas and stormwater lines. Furthermore, we can inspect and clear all downpipes for optimum performance with regular maintenance scheduling available.


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The importance of a correctly installed downpipe

A drainpipe plays a crucial role in a building’s drainage as it is the final piping before rainwater flows into collection or stormwater systems. A correctly installed downpipe will also allow for effective and efficient rainwater drainage. 


However, if the drainpipe is installed incorrectly, severe property damage can occur. Poorly installed downpipes can leak, block or separate from guttering causing water damage to property and potentially to possessions.


For this reason, downpipes should be installed by qualified professionals like Roof Leak Services.

Roof Leak Service can install downpipes to suit the drainage needs, in the ideal position and compliant to the Australian Standards.

Installing a downpipe

In an ideal scenario, downpipes will be installed during the construction of a property and continue to play their pivotal role in the roof drainage systems without issue. However, this is not always the case, and additional downpipe installation may be necessary.


Some building designs underestimate the rainwater capacity a drainage system needs to handle, meaning there are gutter and downpipe overflowing and blockages.


This is a common problem in the wet season of southeast Queensland. 


In this scenario, additional downpipes need installing to help drain water away from the guttering more effectively.


Additionally, downpipes may need to be installed if building modifications or extensions are performed as the property’s drainage requirements have changed.

A downpipe will also need installing when existing downpipes are beyond repair, and a new downpipe needs to be installed. This can happen if blockages cause pipe burst or if a downpipe is damaged from impact.

Roof Maintanance

Professional downpipe installation

When attempting a DIY installation, the potential consequences of incorrect installation seems like an unnecessary risk. A small installation mistake can lead to costly repairs and structural damages.


All property owners must ensure their drainage and stormwater run-off is adequate and compliant. As it is a legal requirement, using the services of a QBCC licenced and professional roofing and guttering company like Roof Leak Services is a wise investment.

Downpipe maintenance

As downpipes are an integral part of your overall drainage systems, regular maintenance is highly recommended to avoid damages and blockages. 

Cleaning downpipes, resealing joins and repairing minor defects to avoid more significant issues will save you time and money in the long run.


Roof Leak Services can carry out downpipe maintenance, along with guttering and roof maintenance, to ensure your overall property rainwater drainage is adequate and problem-free.


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