Commercial Roof Repairs

Roof Leak Service has the industry expertise to repair all commercial roof defects and have the qualifications and equipment to perform all repairs safely and to Australian Standards within the southeast Queensland region.

A damaged commercial roof can lead to costly inconveniences as it can affect business operations and produce unforeseen expenditures. 

Commercial roofs are often more expensive than residential roofing, meaning they collect and disperse more rainwater and have more chance of a defect or leak. 

It can also pose a danger to employees and other individuals within the building if not addressed promptly by a commercial roof repair contractor like Roof Leak Services.


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Repairing a commercial roof leak

A commercial roof leak is a nuisance that can lead to significant damages, expensive repairs and hazardous situations. Water damage to carpets, wall linings, building materials and insulations can be costly to repair and replace, while water mixed with the many electrical systems and appliances in a commercial setting is asking for trouble.

Damages can occur from severe weather conditions, poor workmanship, and defects from trades working upon the roof. Roof Leak Services will identify these damages and carry out commercial roof repairs to restore the roof’s integrity.

Box guttering repairs and maintenance

Box gutters on commercial roofing drainage systems play a vital role as they catch and direct the copious amount of rainwater a commercial roof collects. They are also subject to a wide range of debris which can cause deterioration, restrictions, and blockages.


If commercial box gutter rust or breakdown, then significant water leakage issues will arise. Roof Leak Services can carry out preventative maintenance on all commercial box guttering to ensure they are in top condition to handle light drizzles to heavy downpours. We also repair any box guttering defects that arise to return the integral drainage channelling to its healthiest state.

Roof penetrations inspection and repairs

Many essential services penetrate a commercial roof, such as ventilation, extraction, drains, cables, cooling, and coms. If these penetrations are not 100% sealed to prevent external conditions, leaks will occur.


Roof Leak Services can inspect your commercial roof and the many penetrations to ensure they have an impenetrable seal. If need be, we will carry out repairs by realigning and resealing penetrations to prevent water and debris ingress.

Commercial roof maintenance

The best way to prevent commercial roof issues from occurring is by utilising professionals to undertake routine commercial roof inspections and maintenance. Regular maintenance that checks penetrations and roof conditions while replacing missing fixings and damaged materials can save time and money in the long run.


It is also important to clear all debris accumulated on the roof, in guttering and downpipes, to ensure a commercial drainage system is effective and efficient. 


Roof Leak Services can safely and professionally undertake commercial roof maintenance periodically without disrupting those within the building to prevent avoidable inconveniences and leaks.

The benefits of commercial roof maintenance:

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