Roof Leak Services is a QBCC licensed roofing contractor, performing leak repairs on all residential and commercial roofs competently, safely, and to the Australian Standards.

Roof Leak Services is an Australian owned and operated company offering roofing and guttering solutions to southeast Queensland. We are based in Brisbane with over 20 years of industry experience. Our team provides top-quality roof repairs to the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and Logan areas.

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Brothers in business

Brothers Will and Vaughn Mitchell established Roof Leak Services in 2011 after it was apparent there was a demand for a roofing business that prioritised roof leaks in southeast Brisbane. 


Too often, Will and Vaughan noticed that a roof leak would not be prioritised by roofing companies, and repairs would be inadequate. The Mitchell brother’s vision was to utilise their qualifications and in-depth roofing experience to offer clients quality and professional roof leak services. 


With over 20 years of combined experience working in the construction and roofing industry, Will and Vaughan had the confidence and motivation to create a comprehensive roof leak business. Now, they have their own platform to outperform the competition to offer elite and affordable solutions.

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Roof Leak Services understands southeast Queensland

The Queensland climate is extreme, and understanding what a roof is up against is crucial when providing roofing solutions. Roof Leak Services has been operating for over ten years and has decades of roofing experience in Queensland, with experiences in all weather.


We understand the southeast Queensland climate and the challenges a roof faces against the direct sunlight, extreme humidity and heavy downpours. Having the know-how to repair and maintain a roof in these conditions ensures we will implement the best roof leak solutions to fix the problem and provide a sound roof for many seasons to come.

We inspect, repair, service and maintain most roof types

The extensive knowledge and experience amongst the Roof Leak Services team allow us to work on most types of roof materials and structures. Different roof coverings and designs require different repair solutions and routine maintenance, which we can provide competently and without fuss.

From Colorbond sheets on a skillion to terracotta tiles on a gable; and everything else in between. Roof Leak Services will inspect, repair, service and maintain our client’s roofs to the highest quality.

The types of roof material we can repair:

The types of roof structures we can repair:

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Roof Leak Services has the roofing know-how to competently and professionally perform all types of roof repairs for our customers in Queensland’s southeast. 

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