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Roof Leak Services has the roofing expertise and knowledge to repair any roof defects and damages. We can restore a roof’s integrity to withstand exposure to the harsh Australian conditions without affecting its appealing aesthetics and lifespan.


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Roof Repairs

Roof repairs are vital to ensure the roof’s integrity, and when a repair needs to be done, using a professional roofer like Roof Leak Services is essential. 


DIY methods can be detrimental to the roof’s function and structure, with homeowners finding out the hard way during wet and stormy conditions. Utilising the services of Roof Leak Services is an investment to ensure the safety of the building; and the people and content within it.


Gutters play a vital role in protecting a building’s structural integrity in wet conditions. Gutters collect rainwater that runs off the roof’s surface and directs it into Down pipes, storm water pipes and rainwater tanks.

Unfortunately, gutters often get overlooked when home maintenance is performed, leading to gutter damage, leaks, and blockages. Roof Leak Services specializes in residential and commercial guttering maintenance and replacement to ensure your gutters can handle the next downpour. 

Roof Leak Services will clear any blockages, fix any leaks, remount any loose gutter brackets and assess the complete guttering conditions as a part of our extensive gutter maintenance service. 

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Downpipe installation
and repair

Downpipes take all water collected by a guttering system and direct it into drains and rainwater tanks. As the final passage to disperse or collect rainwater, the operation of downpipe systems is crucial.

Unfortunately, as an unsung hero of a building’s function, downpipes don’t get the love and attention they need until a problem arises, leading to rainwater overflow and potential damages.

Roof Leak Services can perform downpipe maintenance, repairs and replacement to guarantee your downpipes are sound and dependable. We also can assess rainwater volume and determine if additional downpipes need to be installed.

Whirlybird installation

A roof’s purpose is to prevent external conditions, such as sun, rain, snow, and dust, from affecting the interior of the building and causing structural damage. For these reasons, roof spaces, the area between the ceiling and roof, are relatively unassailable.

A whirlybird enables hot air to escape in warmer months, lowering interior temperatures and creating far more comfortable living conditions. Whirlybirds also help prevent ceiling moisture damage and mould occurrence, protecting the building structures and improve home hygiene.

Roof Leak Services can competently install a whirlybird in most roofing structures in both residential and commercial buildings. 

Residential and Commercial roof leak services

Residential and commercial roofs have the same practical purpose of protecting the interior of the building and dispersing rainwater effectively into drainage or storage systems. However, residential and commercial roofs are usually designed and built differently with different materials. 

The different roofing methods means that maintenance, repairs and replacement practices can vary greatly. Roof Leak Services has experience in both the residential and commercial roofing industries to perform repairs and maintenance competently and confidently.

Whether we need to repair broken tiles on a steep residential roof or patch a metal sheet on a flat commercial roof, Roof Leak Services will ensure your roof is flawless and leak-free

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Roof Leak Services extensive roofing experience and knowledge allows us to offer a comprehensive and competent service. We repair and maintain roofs, gutters and downpipes on residential and commercial buildings for any customer that needs our professional assistance. 

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